Read this if life has the awful habit of TERRIFYING YOU – The Fear Spectrum

At some point in life we find ourselves staring deep into an abyss, and as we anxiously gaze we can only see the dark emptiness of space.

But like the air that surrounds us is full of life, the abyss is filled with our fears, anxieties, worries, and mortality. We fear the unknown for we cannot bear to stare into the darkness for long enough and strain to see the light. Does this mean we fear resolution? No, our desperation for resolution is the cause of our fears, it means we fear truth; the reality of our existence is morbid in nature, and that makes it harder to face even the smallest and most superficial truths in our lives.

The only way to overcome this is to stare into the abyss, capture every fear floating around in the darkness, snatch it from the air and seek it’s true meaning… Assess the internal and external factors that fuel your fears, and remove them from your life.

‘Fear’ is to ‘Will’ what ‘Hate’ is to ‘Love’, a distinction without a difference. In fact, the sensation that drives us to act, is the same as the apathy that tells us to do nothing, the only difference is attitude. Fear is a colour spectrum governed by how much you are willing to do against what you are not, every hue between ‘Fear’ and ‘Will’ is a step toward or away from action.

Human history is filled with stories of finding even a glimmer of light amidst the darkest space in the face of absolute despair. Those stories have taught us that the human capacity to comprehend darkness is only paralleled by its ability to understand light, because darkness can only exist if there is light.




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