When Speech is a Sin

‘I Am’… possibly the most resonant and defining sound we, as the universe, have heard since conception. Many holy scriptures, from various cultures, will tell you that this was the first sound that brought all into being, although it is doubtful that the literal phrase was “I Am” and was instead some archaic utterance that has been lost in translation a million times. Aside from that fact essentially aligning all theology to a single root cause, it certainly insinuates that the greatest force of creation is that of sound, and therefore speech.

The very concept of ‘I Am’ personifies the creation of the universe as an intended event, which would of course imply some form of consciousness. If that were the case, then everything that came into being thereafter is a further expression of this consciousness, which I suppose is a very foundational understanding of the symbiotic relationship between the creator and the creation.

But lets bypass the theological discussion, and talk straight physics. In order to understand this concept of a sonic existence, it’s important to understand how we receive frequencies and materialise those into a physical form. But first, here is what you NEED to know… everything in the universe, whether human, animal, plant, star, planet, meteorite or galaxy, came from the same place, and is made of the same stuff. But what exactly is this substance? Vibrating subatomic particles… better known as sound. How can I confirm this?

In the last post titled ‘Conscious or Not?’ we peered into the works of Swami Vivekananda, who built the forgotten bridge between the logic of science and the mysteries of spirituality. He explains that the foundational element of all existence is that of consciousness. It lies beneath an illusory physical existence in which we are all engaged, and is the driving force behind its ever-evolving complexity of expression. All things were birthed from the ‘big bang’, which is in itself involving and evolving consciousness, there is no beginning and no end, just explosion-expansion-contraction-implosion-explosion… it’s a cycle. The sound created from this explosion has resonated for billions of years and has evolved into a myriad of frequencies that express the infinite creativity of the universe… you are a part of that.

Most people think of their brain as a super computer, able to retain and regurgitate information, resolve and rectify errors, and to create and control ideas. These are merely some of the functions of the brain. Instead, lets look at the brain as a radio receiver; it picks up a frequency and sends the transmission through the cerebral cortex, which is (currently) the pinnacle of operating systems in the sensorium game. We know that the brain functions on different frequencies (alpha, beta, theta, gamma), each of these rendering us into different states of consciousness, and within these various states we interact with the universe accordingly. So just as we are able to emit the frequencies we have received, we are able to manifest them.

The words we speak, like everything else in the universe, are just sound frequencies, vibrations, resonance and energy. When we speak ill of a person we have created an audible, resonant energy that carries a negative intention with it. Whether the person it is directed toward has heard it or not is irrelevant, the idea manifested within your mind has left the station and an ill taste in your mouth. You may feel guilty, you may wholeheartedly agree, regardless you have expressed a conscious thought, and now it exists. That same thought, if heard, can change the attitudes of others towards you, or the person in question. History has shown us through great and fearsome leaders, like Martin Luther King Jr and Adolf Hitler (respectively) how the power of speech has the ability to sway masses of people, in two very opposing ways. What is interesting is that both of these leaders were greatly loved and admired by their followers, which proves that negative agendas can be disguised as a good idea.

“Every person, from morning till evening, is making invisible forms in space by what he says. He is creating invisible vibrations around him, and so he is producing an atmosphere.” This profound understanding of how our environment is directly affected by the words we speak is expressed by Hazrat Inayat Khan, a teacher of Universal Sufism and a classical Indian musician. Whether you choose to take his words literally or not, it most certainly states an undeniable truth; that how we communicate with ourselves and others will determine whether you’re a ‘victor’ or a ‘victim’.

 The insurmountable magnificence and complexity of the universe was created with one short ‘phrase’, so be wary of what you manifest with the infinite number of words you will utter in your lifetime… for speech can be the wickedest of sin.




2 thoughts on “When Speech is a Sin

  1. Firstly, great job with this blog.. it is really insightful and provides food for thought for those who are becoming more attuned to this global hypocrisy, really well done. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

    Secondly, I agree with most of what you are saying, and some is new to me (mostly tbe history behind a few things), my question is if you were to recommend say 5-10 books on various topics from universe, social, historical, political, spiritual etc. for enhancing someones perspective and knowledge of our temporal illusion, what would they be?


    1. Hi there!

      Thank you for your kind words, they are also greatly appreciated!

      In relation to this post I would recommend the full works of Swaami Vivekananda (The Vedanta), Hazrat Inayat Khan (The Mysticism of Sound & Music, The Unity of Religious Ideals), Rabindranath Tagore (The Religion of Man).

      Now for the wider subject matter on this blog, I would recommend reading anything that offers some insight into how socio-political-economic systems have historically worked, and how they are currently working. William Easterly’s ‘The White Man’s Burden’ is a fantastic look into the West’s misguided obsession with the 3rd world. ‘The UN Gang’ by Pedro. A. Sanjuan is another great insight into the inner workings of the UN. ‘Imperialism: A Study’ by John. A. Hobson, talks about the history of imperialism from all corners of the earth! Some other authors I would recommend if you wanted to learn more about the esoteric spiritual world would be Manly P Hall (The Secret Destiny of America), Albert Pike (Morals & Dogma of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Indo-Aryan Deities and Worship).

      Now if you want the straight up truth about what is going on today and who is in charge of it… then all you need to do is read is ‘Memoirs’ by David Rockefeller and The House of Rothschild, Volume 1: Money’s Prophets, 1798-1848… by Niall Ferguson.

      Hope that was helpful… and once again thanks for your support!


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